Yoga – Tips for Beginners

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There are many natural therapies for healing the physical body such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractics, herbal remedies and one that is gaining in popularity fast is yoga.  Yoga is a physical and mental discipline originating from India and has been around for thousands of years.  

In Sydney in particular you can find a number of places that offer classes, but you can also practice yoga by following a well constructed class on television and DVD's, and now Wii has a version that can be followed. So it can be practiced any time any where.

Yoga at a studio or at home is be beneficial to your health, however, you must ensure that you are doing it correctly and remember it takes years of practice to get to the experts level, so keeping it slow and consistent is the key.  

Yoga has many different positions for beginners and then a different set for the intermediates and then the experts.  Your aim is to become flexible and agile, and more importantly you gain the ability to become more relaxed, balanced and centered.

To help with your yoga, yoga equipment has been designed.  These can be as inexpensive or expensive as you want, but don't go over board with buying anything before you try Yoga.

The equipment that you will need are a mat, and props, and a bag are to main items you need to start with.  

Mat – yoga on a hard wooden floor isn't a place designed to help you relax and doesn't help to keep you in a relaxed state.  A yoga mat will add a cushion underneath you, as well as helping with traction during some of the positions.  Although you are able to rent a mat in most studios, having your own is better for hygienic reasons.

Props – some yoga moves require props like a block, blanket, and strap.  These are used from beginners to expert level positions.

Bag – for the one-bag-per-occasion people you may also want your own mat bag.  Some mats come with bags others the bag is separate. It's handy when you want all your yoga supplies in one place.

It's preferable that you don't eat before a yoga class.  But if you must have something then a cup of tea, coffee, milk or fruit juice is allowed, a 3 course meal or even a light meal will hinder your performance and not allow you to get into the relaxed stated that you need to achieve the greatest benefits of yoga.  Also you should not wear a belt or heavy jewelry, and that you will be barefoot, but when relaxing at the end you may need a jacket and socks as your body temperature lowers.   This also applies to yoga being done at home.

The above are a few tips for beginners when you are looking at doing yoga to improve your health.   But remember the best instruction you can get is by attending a couple of classes run by a trained yoga practitioner.  These classes will help you by correcting your breathing, assist with poses and most importantly how not to strain yourself.  

Please don't get over confident as you can do yourself more harm and then never keep up the wonderful practice of yoga.

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