Why Your Ear Would Need to Go Through Auricular Acupuncture

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Auricular acupuncture therapy is a special type therapy designed for the ear. In this treatment, different body parts are treated with the help of acupuncture points on the ear. To treat the outer points on the ear, either acupuncture with needles or with electro-accupunctoscope is used to give relief to several chronic complaints. Insertion of needles in the in to the specific points stimulates the nerves and these stimulated nerves will increase the blood circulation of the body part. In this manner, acupuncture treats different parts of the body and helps in the healing process.

On the back side of the ear, there are almost two hundred acupuncture points present and each point is named after the associated common name of that organ. These names are knees, shoulders, hips, liver, heart and more. All the points present on outer side of the ear works as the switchboard to the brain. During the treatment, each acupoint on ear generates the electric pulse and that travels from ear to the specific body area that is being treated via brain. For an instant if, the knee of a person is hurting, then treating the knee point on the ear decreases the ailments of your knee.

Shape of the auricle resembles to the shape of fetus in the inverted position in mothers womb. Almost all the Chinese acupuncture points on the ear are analogous to different anatomical positions of the fetus. For an instant head points like tonsils, sinus and through are located on the ear lobe similarly all the major organs of the fetus.

All these points are helpful in healing the problems regarding anxiety, arthritis, asthma, tennis elbow and many more. Auricular acupuncture is the good treatment that helps in getting rid from the addiction of drug, and alcohol. Therefore, nowadays many people are moving towards the auricular acupuncture.

Though acupuncture treatment seems to be unreliable, it helps in healing the diseases without pains. Acupuncture treatments can be done in different sessions. To cure the diseases often this treatment is given a specific interval of time. Duration of the treatments is usually of some months and within one month once or twice. In each treatment person needs to be relaxed. Insertion of the needles will stimulate the nerves and this stimulation will increase the blood circulation in the body. For proper twinge, these needles are inserted to the depth of about 3 to 5mm. These needles are retained for about 15 to 20 minutes in the body mean while the patient takes rest and then are removed from the body.

In the electro accupunctoscope the needles works as the electrodes and electric current is passed through them. This is another way to stimulate the nerves.

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