Why the Ancient Chinese Acupuncture Has Stood Ground for This Long

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Many of the researchers believe that the probes found in the ancient Chinese caves and crypts were the original acupuncture instruments. These probes are over 5000 year ago. Acupuncture is done by making use of needles on systematized meridians is the evidence of past 2000 years. However, basic philosophy, theory and principles were put forward by The Yellow Emperor's Internal Medicine classic.

This was put forward in around 200 B.C.E. it is more likely that acupuncture had developed after massage and acupressure therapies. Such treatments for injuries and lesions were more common thousands of years ago, when were no OSHA regulation among Chinese soldiers, workers and farmers. This was always a specialty of acupuncturists.

Ancient Chinese acupuncturist considered their most valuable skill to treat person with inabilities to keep working and acupuncturist still appreciate this thinking. Therefore, it has always been important to be able to treat the panic conditions that limit the movements and abilities to do physical works.

Fundamentally, Chinese medicine is Daoist creation that looked at the nature pattern to understand human body, spirit and mind. The transformation of the seasons, the growth of plants, and the flow of water inspired early Daoist, sagacious and doctors. To have incredible degree of body awareness, Daoists practiced for meditation and yogic exercises.

Ancient Chinese medical casing work of body organ system and energy was led by the consciousness of body energy and hormonal systems collectively observations of diseases procedure. Disease process of the human body was studied with the external natural events and it was observed that both of these processes are same just like instant floods can ruin the crops, and drinking too much water during meals can spoil the digestion process. On the other hand, drought can lead to fire same as that of dry cough can turn in to the fire of bloody cough as well as fever.

One can say that it is coincidence that body consisting of around 365 acupuncture and12 meridians. Though there are more than 365 points on the body however 365 main points taught in acupuncture are the once found most effective in treating diseases and pains. Chinese medicine is an incredible merging of theories and experience.

Besides this, scientists candidly confess that acupuncture works in many unknown ways and that have agreed on various things that help to understand the curative consequences of acupuncture. Much of the research had dealt with bodies natural painkillers like endorphins and encephalin. Acupuncture consistently triggers the release of significant amount of endorphins.

It was found that acupuncture was best to cure blood pressure as well as circulation, it relaxes spasm muscle, to stimulate immune system, it also stimulates the release of anti-inflammatory compounds. Body has an energy field that is dependent on naturally derived electricity for the systematic functioning of nervous system, heart and other organs. Body is complex mechanism and has capacity for self-repair. Acupuncture is best aid to trigger the body's self-repairing system when its immunity becomes low.

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