When The Ascending And Dispersing Function Is Affected

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When The Ascending And Dispersing Function Is Affected , A problem with the ascending function of the lungs principally results in skin problems.

First, the skin could be thick but dry with scaliness on the surface. This is because, even though there is dampness and fluid below the surface, the Lung Qi is deficient, and the skin pores do not open to disperse this fluid to the surface. The descending function need not be affected in this case, and there need not be any respiratory problems. Psoriasis and myxoedema are good examples of this imbalance.

Treatment to help the skin ascend water to the surface
~ UB 13 – Back-Shu point of Lung to improve function.
~ LI 4 and LI 11 to help open the skin pores and disperse fluid to the surface.
~ Hot and humid climate (or wet sauna/Turkish bath).

Second, the skin could be thin or hard, dry and rough on the surface, showing that there is less water in the Lung. This usually means that the Lung yin is deficient, and therefore the nose, throat and the mucous membranes will also be dry. This is not really a problem with the ascending function.

Treatment to tonify Lung yin
~ Lu 1, Lu 8.
~ Ren 17, P 6.
~ K 10.
~ Drink more water.
~ Inhale water vapour.

Third, the skin can be cold and sweaty. The sweat is very watery, and there is more sweat on the colder areas. The coldness is due to a yang deficiency on the part of the body which is cold. If the entire upper body and the arms are cold, this could also be a result of Heart Blood and yang deficiency.

Sweating when cold is caused by a defective Lung Qi, resulting in the skin pores being open and dispersing when they should be closed and keeping the heat and fluid inside.

Ascending and dispersing is a function but, more importantly, it is necessary to correctly decide when the skin should disperse and when it should close. This depends largely on the body temperature. The correct function of the skin is to maintain a constant body temperature .

Failure of the skin to disperse when the body is hot and sweating too much when the body is cold are both symptoms of Lung Qi deficiency.

Treatment against excessive cold sweating
~ UB 13 and LI 11 – to improve Lung Qi.
~ Lu 7 tonification and K 7 – to close the skin and stop sweating.
~ UB 15, H 3 and SI 3 – to tonify Heart yang if the upper warmer is cold.
~ Ren 14, UB 15, UB 17, Sp 10, GB 39 and iron supplement if Heart is Blood deficient.
~ Lu 9 – master point of Blood vessels if only the extremities are cold.

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