What Kind of Massage Should I Get?

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Massage Therapy in Toronto is so varied that you can easily spend years exploring all the different types of modalities and approaches available.  This is hardly a daunting task.   I mean that no one is likely to feel stressed about this dilemna.  Health and well being is a journey that can take many routes and the path that you decide to follow is in some way ideally suited to you, your personality, preferences and goals.  In choosing your massage, first understand yourself.  Remember that in a massage, your opinion is the only one that counts.  The therapist may be good at what he/she does, but you are the expert on your body.  If you feel like the treatment is too painful, then regardless of the the therapist's opinion, the treatment really is too painful.  If you feel the treatment is too soft, then it is.  Understand your body and let yourself be heard.

Most people think of Swedish massage when they think of massage.  It is done with oils or lotions and uses gliding or kneading strokes.  It is very versatile and can be smooth and sensual or vigorous and therapeutic.  As all RMT's in Canada are primarily trained in Swedish massage, you will most likely get a Swedish massage unless you make a conscious choice for another modality.

Thai massage is another modality that is gaining popularity.  It uses pressure points or energy meridians to remove energy blockages and restore balance.  The client is fully clothed for the treatment and is placed into various stretches and mobilizations.  The treatment can feel more "pokey" than Swedish massage because of its use of energy points but once you get used to it, you will find it very relaxing.

Shiatsu massage is another oriental massage that uses pressure points and energy meridians.  It is Japanese but is based on the Chinese system of energy points and meridians.  Like Thai massage it can feel a bit pokey at first.

Tui Na Massage is a Chinese approach that is used in conjunction with acupuncture, herbs, moxibustion and Qi Gong to free the body of energy blockages.  It focuses on energy meridians and energy points

Some Toronto Clinics offer massage and acupuncture combination treatments.  This approach is not well known but is very good.  Basically, the treatment incorporates an acupuncture treatment and a massage treatment.  The combination can be very effective as the client gets the best of both worlds in one session.

These are but a few of the offerings, there is also Lomi Lomi, Matrix Repatterning, Rolfing, Osteopathy and a host of others

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