What is Moxibustion & Moxibustion's Classification

Moxibution is a therapy which treats and prevents diseases by means of moxa wool, the main material in the therapy inthe forms of moxa cones or sticks. The combustion of the moxa wool permits transmission of heat to points or certain locations of human body. With the heat, the points and meridians would be stimulated so that the purpose of warning the meridians and collaterals, invigorating the flow of Qi and blood, strengthening the body resistance and eliminating pathogens from the body is achieved.

Moxibustion's Classification

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Direct Moxibustion

A moxa cone placed directly on the point and ignited is called direct moxibustion. It is subdivided into scarring moxibustion, and no scarring moxibustion, in the former, the local place is desired to be burnt, blistered and left with a scar when healed, and in the latter, moxibustion conducted on the points will not cause burning, blistering and scarring.

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Indirect Moxibustion

The ignited moxa cone does not contact on the skin directly, but is insulated from the skin by the materials of ginger, salt, garlic, and monkshood cake.

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Moxibustion with Moxa Stick

Roll the moxa wool with a sheet of paper into a moxa stick, apply a burning moxa stick with a certain distance apart over the selected point. There are two kinds of method: mild-warm moxibustion and sparrow-pecking moxibustion.

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Mild-Warm Moxibustion

Ignite a moxa stick at its one end and place it two to three centimeters away over the site to bring a mild warmth to the local place, but not burning, for some fifteen minutes until the skin becomes slightly red. It is suitable for all the syndromes indicated by moxibustion.

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"Sparrow-Pecking" Moxibustion

In this method, the ignited moxa stick is moved up and down over the point like a bird pecking or moving left and right, or circularly. It is indicated for numbness and pain of the limbs.

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Warming Needle Moxibustio

Moxibustion with warming needle is an integration of acupuncture and moxibustion, and is used for conditions in which both retaining of the needle and moxibustion are needed. It is applied as follows

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