Weight Loss Through Acupuncture: Is It Effective?

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The concept is indeed modern for the westerners. But it is one of the primitive health treatments among the Oriental folks. Especially in China and Japan acupuncture is an age-old technique to sustain healthy living. And weight loss through the acupuncture technique is one of the recent endeavors by the Chinese people.

Weight loss through acupuncture has been greatly accepted by the westerners as well. Initially it was tough to believe that with the prick of the needle weight can be brought under control. But the simple prick can result in such a bigger way was latter very convincing when the picture of what actually takes place came into forefront.

Exciting the endorphins

Acupuncture lowers your hunger cravings by modulating some effects on your stomach areas so that you feel that you are always full. This feeling is generated from within and there is a scientific basis of it.

Endorphins is a chemical inside your body that keeps you feel in a better physical state. Acupuncture can excite this chemical and thus the feeling that you aren't hungry and filled from within keeps you away from food. You consume that much calories you can exactly burn and use as energy. Once your appetite is brought into a checkpoint you naturally shift to a balanced and healthy diet. The yearning to eat spicy and fried food with loads of fat and calories is put an end.

Ear plays important role

It is very interesting to know that ear which has no as such connection with body weight plays the key role in the acupuncture process to control your weight. The needles that connected with various parts of the body right from the nervous system to the liver and stomach regions are initially pricked behind the ears. This is the main coordination point.

There are basically five pinpointed areas that have to be channeled to instigate your hunger cravings to come down. Once the liver part, the overall nervous system, the lungs and the two kidneys are regulated through acupuncture the endorphins start getting activated. The final trigger through acupuncture is body relaxation. Without bringing your body to the point of relief and rest it is not possible to give a proper direction to your appetite. Hence the control on your desire of unnecessary eating is effectively brought. And that's the perfect weight control formula. If your diet program has failed you better try out this way. It works!

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