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1. Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity

2. Do yard work at your house or your neighbors

3. Throw all the soda out of your house

4. Go run around the block

5. Take the dog for a walk

6. Order your salad dressing on the side

7. Take your kids to the park

8. Plant some flowers

9. No more fries!

10. Try acupuncture

11. Rollerblade around the park for fat loss

12. Drink water throughout the day

13. Join an online weight-loss site

14. Commit to a love one that you're going to lose 2 pounds this week

15. Take smaller portions

16. Have more sex

17. Use more vegetables

18. Go for a hike

19. Buy soy milk

20. Cut the coffee

21. Choose a healthy cereal for breakfast

22. Eat all your meals at home

23. Eat slower

24. Don't use butter

25. Walk up the stairs thinking about exercising

26. Go on an 'active' date

27. Buy skim milk

28. Eat an occasional weight-loss frozen dinner

29. Don't eat past 7 PM

30. Eat low fat yogurt

31. Eat 5 times a day

32. Keep a journal about your eating habits, and focus on fat loss

33. Join a gym

34. Go for a bike ride

35. Weigh yourself regularly

36. Eat a handful of almonds when you're hungry

37. Go swimming

38. Get enough sleep

39. Eat extra garlic

40. Laugh more

41. Make out with your partner

42. Eat breakfast everyday

43. Don't drink your calories

44. Eat more produce

45. Buy whole grain bread

46. Eat a small portion of protein with every snack

47. Always buy low-fat

48. Eat lean meat

49. Breastfeed

50. Fill up on fiber

51. Go shopping at the mall

52. Go walk around an art museum

53. Go to a concert

54. Play twister

55. Don't take the elevator anymore

56. Eat spicer foods to spark your metabolism

57. Do some sit ups on the commercials during your TV show

58. Vacuum the house

59. Try 10 pushups

60. Use ankle weights when you walk around the mall

61. Yoga

62. Have a salad before your meal

63. Bake after a meal, so you're not hungry

64. Play Wii Fit

65. Try fat loss supplements to increase your metabolism

66. Plan a diet

67. Play tennis

68. Drink less beer

69. Skip rope

70. Fly a kite

71. Find a weight loss buddy

72. Plan your workouts

73. Keep a positive attitude

74. Clean the garage

75. Eat until satisfied

76. Get off the couch

77. Always have fresh veggies on hand

78. Talk to a doctor about fat loss supplements

79. Get out of the kitchen

80. Go golfing

81. No more juice - too much sugar

82. When you go out to eat, share a dinner

83. Take a walk after dinner

84. Park your car in the back of the parking lot

85. Mow your lawn yourself

86. When you have a craving, wait 10 min first

87. Relax

88. Wash your car yourself

89. At work, take a walk and eat during lunch time

90. Help someone move

91. Try some fat loss pills

92. Hit the clubs

93. Go to a water park

94. Read an inspirational weigh-loss story about fat loss

95. Shoot some hoops

96. Visit a neighbor

97. Try fat loss supplements to decrease your appetite

98. Eat vegetables over fruits

99. Throw out full calorie salad dressings from the fridge

100. Mop the floors

101. Do anything besides read this list

Stop reading this, and start over at #1

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