Weight Loss Products – best weight loss products that works

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Weight Loss Products – best weight loss products that works


There are many weight loss products available in the market these days. They all claim for fast and safe weight loss. Are these weight loss products really safe?

Do these weight loss products really work?


Everyone in this world wants to lose their weight but, only few of them are successful in there mission for losing weight. Before using one such weight loss product, keep your mind open in order to save yourself from fraudulent claims and extreme high cost because there is no magic to losing weight.


Popular weight loss products and their effect:


Diet Patch for weight loss – Ineffective in weight loss and was already removed since 1990’s by FDA.


Magnetic Diet Pills – Magnetic pill are also used for weight loss which allegedly flushes out fat, but not.


Guar Gum – Is used for weight loss but well known for causing internal obstruction.


Electrical Muscle Stimulators – Ineffective because no proven effect known till now.



Eyeglasses for weight loss that Suppress Appetite – This work by projecting image to retina in order to decrease appetite for promoting weight loss but, no proven effect had shown till now.

Other weight loss products include weight loss earrings that work through acupuncture to suppress appetite.


Some other weight loss products are also common in this field like diet drinks are gaining popularity and are used by many people as a substitute for meal, also once stop drinking, they would eventually regain the lost weight after a short period of time due to feeling of emptiness in the stomach.


Another is diet supplements and medicines that are used for weight are not safe for health and also don’t work long-term. 


OTC or Over-the-counter pills, contains phenyl propanol amine hydrochloride may raise blood pressure and palpitation and on the other hand Ephedra can cause serious side effects such as problems related to the heart, seizure, stroke, and even death.

St. John's Wort Supplement for weight loss claims that it will suppress appetite in order to promote weight loss but there are many other problems related to its use such as gastrointestinal discomfort, tiredness, insomnia and allergic reactions.

As you see that weight loss products are directly or indirectly are not safe for your health.

Spending money on these types of products is useless.


Chromium based Supplements for weight loss –claim that products will lower blood sugar, burn excessive body fat and lower your cholesterol levels but, some sides effects are anemia and even memory loss. 


Green Tea Extract Products – Green tree products are known well for their strong anti-oxidants properties that help lower cholesterol and triglycerides, and promote weight loss

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