Veterinary Acupuncture

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Veterinary Acupuncture involves the treatment of pets and animals using an ancient Chinese form of therapy. It is a wholistic approach to the cure of chronic diseases in patients. This form of treatment considers a patient as an organism that has unified energetic parts as opposed to considering individual parts for treatment. Here the animals are considered holistically, i.e body, mind, spirit and environment.

In this form of therapy, the acupuncturist considers the animals holistically. He seeks to eliminate the causes of the symptoms rather than treating them as is done in the conventional medicine treatments. Veterinary acupuncture is the best alternative to western medicine. This is because it ensures the overall good health and welfare of pets and animals.

Veterinary Acupuncture involves the use of certain herbs and techniques to balance the body and enable the animals and pets to heal naturally. Along with these this form of therapy, there are other techniques that are used to cure animals. These include the use of laser and electric stimulation among many others.

During this form of ancient Chinese therapy, needles are pierced in certain points known as acupoints. These points are stimulated causing the body of these animals to start a natural healing process. In electric treatments, these needles are treated as electrodes. They then stimulate these specific points by allowing current to pass through them. The needles use in this form of treatment generally weigh about twenty eight grams to thirty grams. They are inserted to a length of about half to three quarters of an inch deep into the skin of the animals.

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