Varieties of Acupuncture Practiced Today

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Originally developed in China, the ancient practice of acupuncture became popular as a method of bodily ailment relief. Soon this art spread to other countries and diversified in to new modified forms.

Korea, Vietnam, Japan, then Europe and America took up acupuncture and changed it to varying degrees based upon the countries different looks at the theory and techniques involved.

Basic underlying theoretical principals always remain the same but some styles of acupuncture vary greatly with diagnosis and technique. As yet there is no evidence that any one style of acupuncture is an improvement on another.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Abbreviated to TCM, this is the most commonly used type of acupuncture in the world. In addition to being practiced in China the United States is known to have a large number of practitioners.

Korean Hand Acupuncture

Peoples hands are focused on here, different areas related to other parts of the persons anatomy and potential 'disharmonies'. This technique is one of the so called 'microsystems' whereby one aspect of the body is used to treat ailments anywhere in the body.

Japanese Acupuncture

This particular acupuncture style is a more subtle form of TCM. The number of needles as well as the needle thickness is less. Stimulation is less pronounced in general.

Auricular Acupuncture

Another microsystem, ears are the focus here. Specific parts of the ear relate to other areas of the body and associated maladies. Pain control or drug addictions, e.g. alcohol and nicotine, are common uses for this acupuncture technique.

Medical Acupuncture

Defined as when a western world doctor administers acupuncture to a patient. Requirements for doctors to take up this practice are said to be more relaxed than is usual with the other techniques and therefore checking to see that the doctor is part of a recognized acupuncture group is essential.

Veterinary Acupuncture

Acknowledged and respected in its own right, requiring formal training and certification so as then to go on and practice, veterinary acupuncture is now practiced in most US states, many provinces in Canada and indeed other countries around the world.

These are just some of the main styles that can be found today. Many other variations exist e.g. Barefoot Doctor Acupuncture, Five Element Traditional Acupuncture and French Vietnamese Acupuncture. Often in today's practice acupuncture aspects from a variety of different styles are brought together to create a unique effect.

If you are considering taking up acupuncture of a particular style it is generally advised to always seek practitioners that are fully qualified in their particular discipline.

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