urinary calculus of Auricular Acupuncture Treatment

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L. Chen39 used the following points to relieve the symptoms of bladder stones as well as expulsion of the stones: Kidney, Endocrine, Urinary Bladder, and Sympathetic as the main ear points, and Spleen, Triple Warmer, Urethra, Brain, and Ureters as auxiliary points, using the semen vaccaria method. Q. Wang and Y. Y. Zhao40 found that “urinary retention due to postoperative anal pain was successfully relieved by needling in the ear. Shenmen, Sympathetic, and the center of the triangular fossa were used. The needles were rotated for 1 minute and then rotated until micturition began. The time frame within which micturition began ranged from 5 to 30 minutes after treatment started.”

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