Treatment of Neck-shoulder Syndrome with Massag and Cupping

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Objective: To observe the clinical therapeutic effect of massage and capping method for treatment of neck-shoulder syndrome with.

Methods: The combination of massage and cupping method was adopted: (l) Point Pressing: Pressing and kneading are applied to Fengchi (GB20), Jianjing (GB21), Jianyu (LI 15), Quchi (LI ll) and Hegu (LI4) for relaxing muscles and soft tissues and Promoting the circulation in meridians and collaterals; (2) Circular kneading, rolling, nipping and grasping: The patient was in a sitting position and the operator stood behind. Circular kneading. rolling, nipping and grasping methods were applied successively to the neck, shoulder and the peripheral soft tissues of the upper limb to promote blood circulation in the meridians and collaterals, relieve spasm and stop pain; (3) Elbow Pressing: Circular pressing with the elbow was applied on the root of the neck and supraspinous muscle. The force exerted was based on patient's tolerance; (4) Traction with rotation: The operator stood behind or on the lateral side of the patient with one hand supporting the check and the other one putting the head. The neck was pull up while rotated. The click was heard sometimes; (5) Pounding: Pounding with fingers or fist on the muscles and soft tissues on the neck root and shoulder to relax muscles and stop pain. After massage, the flash cupping was applied on the most pain area. The treatment was given once every two days, each treatment lasted 20 to 30 minutees and 10 days made a course.

Results: Of 50 cases, the symptoms of 42 cases disappeared and the patients could work normally, the symptoms of 18 cases basically disappeared and the patient occasionally felt uncomfortable when Wind and cold attacked.

Conclusion: Massage combining with cupping method could improve the therapeutic effect of neck-shoulder syndrome.

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