Thin, Dry And Itchy Skin in Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Thin and dry skin is hypersensitive to heat or cold, sun, pain and allergens, and is therefore more likely to be itchy and irritated. This irritating aspect is called wind, and the redness caused by the manual scratching is the heat. As the Blood and yin are both deficient and therefore unable to control the wind and heat, the yang rises from time to time, bringing on recurrent wind–heat symptoms.

Treatment basically involves preventing this recurrent rise in the wind and heat by tonifying Blood and yin as in skin type 1 (see p. 19). In addition, at acute times one could eliminate the heat and wind from affected areas.

There are excellent wind-eliminating points (1) all over the body, which should be used with wind-elimination sedation technique in this case:

~ GB 20 – from head and face.
~ UB 12 – from back, skin and lungs in general.
~ SI 12 – from shoulders and arms.
~ GB 31 – from hips and legs.
~ Ba Feng points – from hands.
~ Ba Xie points –from feet.

For heat elimination , (2) it is possible to apply distal-point or fingertip bleeding, depending on the affected area. For example, in a case of eczema on the hands, fingertip bleeding on the affected meridian will bring about instant relief from both itching and inflammation.
Foods that aggravate wind symptoms include:

~ acidic foods such as vinegar-based pickles, tomatoes
~ alcohol (particularly red wine)
~ citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, grapefruit
~ foods that are common causes of allergic reactions, such as shellfish and other fish.

Foods that often cause heat reactions include:
~ red meat and red fish
~ coffee and other caffeinated drinks.

(1) Wind-eliminating points work best with wind elimination needle technique (see p. 78).
(2) Heat-elimination needle technique (see p. 77).

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