Thin And Dry Skin in Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Thin And Dry Skin in Cosmetic Acupuncture, The skin will be thin, dry and pale, easily injured and slow to heal, with little or no body hair. When pinched at the forearm, it either feels thin like tissue paper (more Blood deficient) or hard like leather (more yin deficient). It will be hypersensitive to the sun or to pain, and would tend to have many small wrinkles on the thinner areas.

Blood and yin defi ciency

Blood and yin defi ciency

Possible causes of this state include:
~ not drinking water
~ a very low-fat diet
~ the absence of milk products in diet
~ a diet devoid of nutritious foods
~ smoking
~ malabsorption of nutrition due to diabetes mellitus or chronic diarrhoea (this is caused by either Small Intestine or Spleen Qi deficiency).
Points used to treat thin and dry skin
~ Lu 1, Sp 3 and K 10.

Advice for patients
In order to correct this, both Blood and thin yin fluids need to be tonified.Useful advice includes:

~ Drink water frequently; some salt is required in the diet so that water is retained in the body.
~ Consume milk products (especially buttermilk) and proteins, as well as grains and cooked root vegetables which are easy to digest and absorb.
~ Watery fruits (melon, grapes, pears, etc.) are good for this condition.
~ Some oil should also be used either in cooking, or raw in marinades and salads.

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