Thick Skin With Inflammation Or Pruritus

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Thick Skin With Inflammation Or Pruritus Damp heat condition of skin is common in acne vulgaris, furunculosis and varicose ulcers. The dampness manifests as thick, raised skin or as oedema, and stays fixed in one area. Heat originates from this fixed dampness in the form of inflammation or, if the skin is open, infection. The cause for the chronic inflammatory heat is the stagnation of damp, and therefore the therapy is to circulate, thin out and eliminate the thick fluid.

The heat is localized to the damp areas and needs to be eliminated (if possible) from these areas.
~ Treat dampness by thinning fluid (so it can flow) – drink water, K 10.
~ Treat dampness by circulating fluid – St 40, UB 20 (needle and cupping), UB 39.
~ Treat dampness by eliminating fluid – Sp 9, UB 23 (needle and cupping), K 3, UB 58 (through diuresis).
~ Treat dampness by dispersing fluid – UB 13, LI 4, LI 11 (through sweating).
~ Treat heat by plum-blossom needle tapping to bleed on the local areas.
~ Treat heat by finger- or toe-tip bleeding on affected meridians.
~ Treat heat by dispersing fire-needle technique on local acupuncture points.
Damp wind manifests as eczema (which is in fixed areas such as the neck, elbow, knee-fold and inguinal area), varicose eczema and functional itching in any area that is affected by oedema or is covered by clothes. It usually refers to itching confined to certain areas (a characteristic of damp), rather than itching all over or in different areas at different times (as in wind character).

Wind is irritating in nature; thus, itching is a wind symptom. The symptom of damp wind shows that the wind is irritating the skin very close to its surface and needs to be eliminated by improving the skin function of opening the skin. The dampness is preventing the skin from functioning normally, and should therefore be circulated.
Treatment to improve Lung Qi
~ UB 13, LI 11, LI 4 (to open and eliminate).
Treatment to eliminate wind
~ Use wind-eliminating point of the area (see pp. 22, 72, 74).
Treatment to circulate damp
~ St 40, UB 20, UB 39.

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