Thick, Oily And Raised Skin in Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Thick, Oily And Raised Skin in Cosmetic Acupuncture , The skin will be thick in general, and can also be uneven and oily. Some areas could be raised compared with others, giving an island-like appearance. The skin is very greasy, and the sweat is thick, leaving marks on clothes. This is mostly in the face, neck and upper body. The lower part of the body is not usually affected in the same way, because the Lungs nourish the skin – and the Lungs are in the upper warmer area of the body.

Dampness originates in the Spleen, no matter where it manifests.
Possible causes of Spleen dampness are:
~ an excess of fatty foods
~ an excess of refined sugars or carbohydrates
~ and excess of fatty milk products
~ large and heavy evening meals
~ an excess of cold and raw foods.

To rectify this, dampness should be circulated and eliminated.

Points used to treat thick and oily skin
~ Sp 9, St 40, UB 39, Lu 5 sedation.
~ Sp 9 and St 40 are particularly useful.
Advice for patients
~ Avoid fatty foods and refined sugars.
~ Eat only unrefined carbohydrates – sweet fruits, wholemeal bread and pasta, whole rice, millet, potato with skin.
~ Take few and low-fat milk products.
~ Eat a good breakfast and lunch but have an early, light dinner.
~ Drink warm drinks and eat only warm, cooked foods.
~ Drink water regularly in order to liquefy the thick damp fluid.

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