Thick And Dry Skin in Cosmetic Acupuncture

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In this case, the skin is thick, uneven and even lumpy, but dry with seborrhoea on the surface. This means that there is fluid below the skin surface, but it does not ascend to the surface. The normal function of the skin is to ascend fluid from under the skin to the surface. Therefore, thick and dry skin is a symptom of poor function of the Lung – that is, Qi deficiency.

The dampness stagnates under the skin, as it cannot be eliminated. This is a sign of poor ascending function of the skin, and not necessarily the descending function. However, it is possible that these patients are also constipated, as there would be a problem of elimination of stool as well, because the Large Intestines are connected to the Lungs.

The avoidance of damp-producing foods is essential for treatment, but more important is to improve skin function (and bowel function) of elimination.

Points for treatment
~ Points to improve skin function – UB 13, LI 4 and LI 11.
~ Points to improve bowel function – LI 4, TW 6, St 25.
~ Points to reduce dampness – Sp 9, St 40.

Advice for patients
~ Keep your bowels open – take whole grains, apple or pears (including skin) daily, and exercise to sweat.
~ Whole rice should be eaten at least twice in a week – it strengthens the Lung yang and Qi.
~ Take alternating hot and cold showers.
~ Mild spices such as pepper and ginger should be added to diet.
~ Dress according to the climate – do not dress lightly in cold weather and overdress in hot weather.

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