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With all of the auriculotherapy modalities outlined, the following therapeutic outcomes can occur:

1. The complaint and its manifestations or pain may disappear in seconds.

2. The problem may take a few days to resolve if the disorder is an organ problem.

3. The condition may worsen in sensitive patients. Depending upon the symptoms, this aggravation may constitute a healing crisis or the therapy may not be suitable for the patient.

4. Acute disorders tend to improve faster than chronic ones.

5. Endocrine disorders are most likely interrelated; hence, several points that affect the endocrine system are required in a prescription.

6. Diseases of the Yang organs tend to heal faster than the Yin organs. Because Yin organs are solid in nature, they are more difficult to heal.

7. Regardless of the modality chosen, the patient can feel tired after treatment. Allow the patient to rest in your office so he does not leave in a mentally or physically drained condition.

Auriculotherapy is one of my favorite methods for treating the elderly or those who like added reinforcement and/or extended benefit from treatment, as well as for the treatment of musculoskeletal and internal organ problems. “According to a series of analyses of therapeutic results of 14,886 cases,ear needling was found to be effective in 90.1% of cases,” writes Katsusuke Serizawa.17 As has been discussed, if there is a corresponding body part that is impaired, such as the knee or shoulder, and that part is mobilized simultaneously with the vigorous massage or needling of the point, the therapeutic effect is even better.


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