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Today is "World Traditional Medicine Day", and this year coincides with our new Medical Reform Introduced draft program, this time on the traditional Traditional Chinese Medicine Today's progress, clearly makes sense. We deal with the inheritance of Chinese medicine and Everbright confidence, Chinese medicine can comb through serious study and absorb modern science and human nutrition beneficial to modern and acceptable and understandable manner interpretation and elucidation of excellence for the benefit of mankind

10 22 is "World Traditional Medicine Day." Since the Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and the World Health Organization in 1991, a joint initiative set up in Beijing this day, have sped past 17 years. This year coincides with the Chinese government introduced new medical reform draft plan, at this time review the establishment of the World Traditional Medicine Day purport to think about today, the progress of traditional Chinese medicine in China, is clearly of great significance.

New medical reform should promote traditional medicine

Year, the establishment of a World Traditional Medicine Day International Day, not only to express their culture, traditional medicine around the world due respect, but also reflects the Chinese government and international organizations on the lives and health of the attention and care, which prompted countries around the world should as far as possible with natural, appropriate, economical and effective way for people to illnesses and the Therapy, improve their health.

Modern medicine (mainly Western) rests on the modern theory of natural science and technology, consists of patterns to the cells, then into the medical aspects of molecular biology, rapid development, significant progress: the successful large-scale infectious disease be controlled; new diagnostic, treatment techniques and medication after another; population mortality, average life expectancy. At the same time, various new situations and new issues emerging, we should not blindly optimistic, such as a new threat of infectious diseases, sub-health, the proportion of the sharp rise in chronic diseases, iatrogenic, drug-induced diseases of the continually growing, and so on. On the other hand, maintain health and improve medical standards of life, of course, requires a strong financial giving financial support to back him up, but rely solely on the adequacy of financial resources does not necessarily solve the people's health care. A look at today's United States and other developed countries facing increasingly expensive health care costs, struggling with the national health insurance system, to have a glimpse of the problem difficult. Therefore, to effectively meet people's growing health care needs, and respond to increasingly tight budget, expenditure on medical and health problems, in addition to further improvement and development of modern medicine, increased economic investment, to determine the nature of medical and public health, promote the reform of health policy addition, carry forward traditional medicine, after all, one effective way. In China, this is a new medical reform should be one of the elements.

Treasure of traditional Chinese medicine in the world

In the world of traditional medicine in traditional Chinese medicine in China is undoubtedly the most dazzling gems. Now widely recognized as the world's first Chinese acupuncture (and and massage), it is simple, effective. Chinese herbal medicine Most natural plant, the cost is relatively low and a significant effect, is also enormously popular in recent decades in Europe and the United States and other countries have gradually been recognized and accepted. It's a broad consensus is that Chinese medicine for chronic incurable diseases and even some medical treatment was effective, while the cost of treatment, compared to Western medicine is now frequent use of high-tech equipment checks and more expensive drugs to lower. Senior members of Germany had pointed out in the European Parliament: whether it is in fact solve the thousands of helpless state of chronic illness, or the face of explosive growth in medical expenses and other medical security system, the problem of an urgent need to introduce "alternative medical treatment "The premier is the Chinese traditional medicine, such as acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and so on.

In fact, the charm of Chinese medicine is far more than that. Chinese health theory and practice of the rich experience of material life for today's growing increasingly concerned about improving the health of the people themselves, with great help and appeal. Traditional Chinese Medicine "on the treatment before illness" of preventive thinking of TCM, Heaven, Body and Spirit, mind and body together as a whole and thinking of TCM syndrome differentiation and personalized treatment methods, etc., if well interpreted, elucidation and application of modern medical treatment will undoubtedly change the concept of enlightenment as to the important and profound impact. Chinese traditional medicine "Medicine is Humanity", "Big Medicine sincere" and other valuable ideas and good tradition, on the construction of medical ethics have meaning can not be ignored.

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