The Full Meaning of Yin in Chinese Acupuncture

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Yin is the amount of water and thin fluid which irrigates an organ.A defi-ciency of yin will cause dryness of skin, with hardening, cracking, peeling and possible wrinkling.When the yin is inadequate to control the yang, yang hyperactivity may ensue , resulting, from time to time, in heat symp-toms, such as redness and inflammation, hot flushes and burning skin with inability to sweat due to insufficient fluid.These symptoms tend to mani-fest more in the upper part of the body, as heat rises upwards.However, there may be some night-time sweating, as the yin is greater at night and during sleep.
Yin is also the substance and the structure of an organ.Without the contin-uous supply of Blood and fluid, the tissue will shrink or collapse.Recurrent heat or inflammation on a tissue can also cause this situation by consum-ing the yin fluid.An example would be the contraction and shortening of a tendon following recurrent tendonitis.
Dryness makes the skin hard and tense or leathery.Patients look strained and their face mask-like, as if they cannot relax.They need to use moistur-izing creams soon after washing the skin, in order to retain the moisture.
Yin has the ability to cool the body, and a patient with yin deficiency will have skin that feels hot to the touch.In menopause, a woman will age quite suddenly, because this is a yin-deficient state.As the female hormones decrease, the yin of the Kidneys (the reproductive system) diminishes.As the Kidney yin stores water for the body, the body becomes dry as the yin decreases.
Yin deficiency causes heat

The reproductive system is in the lower warmer of the Triple Warmer; the lung in the upper warmer.If the heat rises from the lower warmer, it will manifest in the upper warmer.Because the yin cannot control the yang, the heat or yang rises from time to time.As heat has an ascending nature, the heat that occurs in the reproductive system rises from the lower warmer to the upper part of the body, to the upper warmer of the three warmers.There are no real heat symptoms found in the lower part of body (except perhaps hypermenorrhoea in post-menopausal and peri-menopausal women).

 A yin-deficient state causes a chronic latent heat condition in the organ.This
could lead to recurrent phases of yang excess,each lasting for a short time.
Some heat symptoms,however,will persist throughout the chronic period,
e.g.a rapid pulse,red colour or red papillae on the tongue,low fever and red
If the patient feels recurrent heat symptoms,but feels cold during the
chronic phase and shows no other diagnostic signs of heat,then the patient
also has a Blood deficiency together with yin deficiency.

Yin deficiency may cause stagnation of
thick fluids Yin deficiency and dryness can also affect the Blood and the thick fluid, by making it very thick and therefore difficult to flow.Thick mucus which can-not be expectorated easily will improve with damp (vapour) inhalation and drinking thin fluids.Similarly, if sebaceous secretion is very thick and can-not be easily eliminated, it would help to tonify both Kidney yin (for the water) and Lung yin (for the skin).
Thick fluids tend to stagnate when they become too thick because of a yin
deficiency.This would,in turn,lead to a Qi deficiency.When the yin is tonified,
thick fluids flow easily and circulation and elimination improve.
Treatment for yin tonification
■Drink thin fluids–water,herbal tea,clear soups and watery fruits.
■Some added salt in food(health permitting)to retain water.
■Some raw foods,especially vegetables(not in the evenings)to cool the
■Tonify Kidney yin–point K 7 or K 10.
■Tonify yin of affected organ–Mu-front point,tonification point or house-
element point of yin organ.
■Grandmother point of yang organ(e.g.St 43,wood point).
■If possible,take a nap around midday.
When the yin is good,the skin is smooth and elastic,soft and youthful.
There are no small wrinkles.
If there is water retention,the skin could have a puffy appearance with
some pitting oedema.This could be more evident in areas such as the eye-
lids,hands and neck,where the skin is thinner.
Treatment for yin excess
■Mainly with points and diet for increasing urination.
■UB 23(needle and cupping),UB 58 and K 3.
■Cut down salty foods for at least the first half of the day.
Yin deficiency causes general dryness,which should not be confused with
peripheral dryness.If there is splitting of the fingertips or cracking of the heels,
but the skin of the rest of the body is moist,this may be due to poor peripheral
circulation of Blood.Peripheral Blood circulation is a Spleen function.It should
be determined if this symptom occurs only in these areas.

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