The Full Meaning of Yang in Chinese Acupuncture

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     Yang is the warmth that is brought on by good Blood and fluid circulation. This warmth helps to accelerate the function of the organs, without which they would slow down.

     Yang deficiency
Yang deficiency causes coldness and clamminess of the skin.This is because coldness affects the function of the skin (Lung Qi) to open and close when required, iethe skin should open, causing sweating and elimination of heat, when the body is hot ; and should close and retain the body heat when it is cold.In this case, even though the skin is cold, it still remains open and there is some cold sweating.
      Coldness on the skin causes it to be pale, but during activity or situations when the patient warms up, there will be a mixture of pink, blue and pale shades, causing a marbling effect on the skin.
     Coldness could also be a symptom of Blood deficiency.If this is the case, the treatment would be to tonify Blood (see p.11).

      Yang excess

Inflammation and excessive heat or redness of the skin are all manifest-ations of a yang excess.Yang excess symptoms may be caused by inflam-mation, allergies or skin infections.Recurrent redness and inflammation may be a sign of either (a) yin deficiency and therefore quick rising of the yang (fire heat or dry heat) or (b) stagnation of dampness and festering heat from the dampness (damp heat).

Treatment to tonify yang
■Moxibustion on Mu-front or Back-Shu point of organ.
■Tonification point or house-element point of yang organ of the coupled
■Grandmother point of yin organ(e.g.Sp 1 wood point).
■Bitter foods,bitter teas.
■Red meat and fish.
■Eat cooked and warm foods;drink warm fluids.
Example:tonify Lung yang
■UB 13–Back-Shu point.
LI 11–tonification point of coupled yang organ.
Lu 10–fire point(grandmother point of Lung).
Treatment to sedate yang
■Bleeding is a very effective way to reduce heat
–the points to bleed could be the Jing-Well point of the affected meridian,
or the finger-or toe-tip of the affected meridian
–plum-blossom hammer tapping to bleed affected area.
■Sedation point of yang meridian.
SI 8 sedation;TW 10 sedation to reduce fire heat.

The body uses bleeding as a way of eliminating excess heat.This occurs especially
in situations in which the yin is deficient and therefore cannot control the
yang.The only option is for the body to eliminate the yang,which it does by
bleeding.Examples are epistaxis,excessive menstrual bleeding,vomiting of
blood in patients with liver cirrhosis or gastric ulcer,bloody stool in patients
with ulcerative colitis and coughing blood in patients with tuberculosis.When
the body eliminates Blood,it has no control over the quantity of bleeding,so
eventually there will be Blood deficiency.But we can use this principle,in theory,
to eliminate heat,without causing a Blood deficiency.

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