The Control Study on 23 Cases of Gouty Arthritis Treated with intravenous Bleeding

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Objective: To treat gouty arthritis with intravenous method. The symptoms, the uric acid in blood and that in urine, and RNA enzyme before and after the treatment were observed.

Methods: The outpatients and inpatients of this disease are divided at random into the bleeding group (23 cases), herbal medication group (8 cases) and western medication group (19 cases): (l) Bleeding group: Points: Quchi (LI 11), Yangchi (TE 4) (unilateral), Yangxi (LI 5), Taichong (LR 3), Qiuxu (GB 40), Shangqiu (SP 5), Taixi (KI3) (unilateral), Yanglingquan (GB 34), and Xuehai (SP 10) (unilateral). 2 or 3 points are selected each time. Before the bleeding starts, the selected points are patted with fingers to make congestion, and then the routine sterile technique is made. After that, the assisting hand stretches the skin, and the operating hand is going to grip the three-edged needle with thumb, index and middle fingers, like holding a pen. The middle finger is responsible for the depth of thrust, but the depth is up to the location of point. After the needling,cupping is combined. 3 to 10ml. of bleeding is necessary Later, the cut is cleaned with alcohol and done with sterile technique with 2% iodine tincture. Sterilized cotton balls are used to press the cut and fixed with adhesive plaster. Course of treatment: Once a week. In the acute stage, twice a week, 3 times as one course, l-week break is given after each course. The mild cases are treated for 1 course, and the severe ones 2 to 3 courses; (2) Herbal medication group: The medicament made in this hospital is administered, 1 month as a course of treatment, and there is also a l-week break after each week. 3 courses are needed; (3) Western medication group: Allopurinol made in China is administered 100mg per os each time, 3 times daily. 15 days as one course of treatment.There is a l-week break. 2 courses are required.

Results: The effective rate was 100.00% in bleeding group, 75.00% in herbal medicine group, and 68.43% in western medication group. The indices of lab test have changed notably, and statistical processing found the noticeable significance for the difference.

Conclusion: Bleeding could promote the excretion of uric acid in urine, and inhibit the synthesis of uric arid in blood. Then patients' immune functions are better restored, and the body could regulate the metabolism of purine, thus the cure.

By Li Zhaowen, Huang Yaoheng, Lin Junshan, Shen Shiguo

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