The Cold and hot in Chinese Acupuncture

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     Cold and hot are manifestations of de? Ciency and excess of yin and yang.Cold is due to a predominance of yin, while hot is due to a predominance of yang.Cold syndromes are due to either an exposure to pathogenic cold or a de? ciency of yang in the interior.The two conditions are opposite in nature.A patient exhibiting a cold syndrome will show a whitish complexion (pallor) and often demonstrate an aversion to cold.They will not drink great amounts of ˉ uid but instead drink small amounts of hot drinks.There is generally an increased volume of ˉ uid and the stools may be loose.The tongue coating is pale and moist and the pulse slow.In direct contrast the patient with heat will have a red complexion.They may have a fever and a thirst , with a preference for cold drinks.They show signs suggesting that body ˉ uid is being consumed.The urine is scant and deep yellow in colour, and they may be constipated.The tongue is red often with a yellow dry coating and the pulse is rapid.

     In cases of cold, moxibustion and warm needling are indicated together with retention of the needles for prolonged periods (reinforcing technique, see page 118) particularly of points such as ST-36 and CV-12.The stomach is said to dominate the Fu organs which are yang in nature.Using these points (CV-12 is the front Mu point of the stomach and the in ˉ uential point of the Fu) will stimulate stomach function and create internal heat.In cases of heat these techniques would not be appropriate.Instead the excess heat is `cleared'by swift needling (reduction method, see page 118) of points such as GV-14, LI-11 and LI-4.GV-14 is the` sea of yang'and the meeting point of the yang channels with the governing vessel.It therefore has a marked e? ect on clearing pathogenic factors from the exterior.Both LI-4 and LI-11 are powerful at clearing heat.The lung channel (yin) is coupled to the large intestine ( yang). As the lung controls the exterior (skin and hair), attack by an external pathogen may a? ect it? rst of all the organs.To use lung points would seem logical, but to do so poses the threat of allowing the pathogen to move to the interior if the wrong needling technique is used.Treating the large intestine as the coupled channel negates this threat.

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