The Chinese Auricular Acupuncture Courses (Full)

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If you want to study Chinese Auricular Acupuncture , I think this Chinese Auricular Acupuncture Courses will help you. There are 9 Chapters of this Chinese Auricular Acupuncture Courses ,read all of the content online  may cost you much time and you will feel tired, so if you want to read it on paper book , just buy is book.

PS: All of the courses content  excerpt from this book

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Chapter 1 The ear: an ancient microsystem with modern applications

Chapter 2 The anatomical terminology of auricular medicine

Chapter 3 The location of 100 common ear points

Chapter 4 The clinical energetics of the ear points

Chapter 5 Cautions and contraindications

Chapter 6 Ear modalities

Chapter 7 Ear diagnosis and morphology

Chapter 8 Ear prescriptions: construction and formulae for specific conditions

Chapter 9 Clinical research and effective points

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