The characteristics of the normal ear

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  1. Normal ears should be similar in size and placement to each other, and should move freely and painlessly when massaged. Ideally, the normal ear is firm but flexible, not too soft, not too thick or too hard. Prominent and pendulous ears in the elderly are a sign of atrophy and aging, and normal for that age group.

  2. The auricles should be free of scales, redness, and inflammation, have normal moisture, be clean, and of the same color as the rest of the skin on the body. The helix should have a reddish hue. As mentioned earlier, according to Oriental medicine, the ear is related to the Kidney. Scholar Manfred Porkert states, “Thus it is the outward appearance of the ear that may orient us on the state of the constitutive, unborn energies deposited in the o. renalis (kidney). The ear conch should be moderately fleshy, with a subdued luster that indicates sufficient Qi nativum (congenital Qi).”1 Hence, the condition of the ear tells us about the health of the Kidney, the root Qi of the body, and the basis of immunity.

  3. Prior to ear treatment, clean it with 70% alcohol. Normal earwax or dirt will be removed easily; otherwise, the deposit may be pathological.

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