Tcm / Acupuncturre / Tuina Clinical Probation Program In China

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TCM / Acupuncture / Tuina Clinical Practice Course

The TCM clinical probation program  is a perfect study chance for TCM learners.

Learners can well mind how TCM is applied while learning practical technique, application combined with TCM theory!

It is suitable for practitioners and self-healers.

6 hours/day 5 days/week, you'll practice in a REAL hospital facing real patients by following the real working day of a TCM doctor in TCM hospital. You'll gain valuable experience in learning treatments skills with Acupuncture & Moxibustion, Tuina, Observe-Smell-Ask-Pulse Diagnosis, TCM herbal prescriptions, TCM Medicine and other main TCM treatment skills.

Program structure:
* TCM Hospital practice in either In-patient Department and/or in Out-patient Department;

Program advantage:
1) TCM doctors to be followed are all with more than 10 years experience and reputable in China, either on acupuncture, or in tuina, or in internal medicine;

2) Following doctors on daily treatments in out-patient department and in-patient department;

3) Talking to real patients on their feelings before and after treatments;

4) Direct discussion with doctors on cases;

5) Private on-site professional interpreters with TCM degrees;

6) TCM subjects, such as acupuncture, tuina, herbal and internal medicine, are according to your request, duration and TCM background;

7?Free program starting time as wished;

Practice Subjects

Treatment technique with Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Treatment technique with Tuina
Treatment technique with diet and others
Diagnosis system of Observe-Smell-Ask-Pulse, and tongue


Real life TCM hospital practice with experienced Chinese dcotors
In top TCM hospitals of China
English translation included
Coverage of main TCM treatment skills
6 hours/day 5 days/week
Full immersion and exposure to local culture and environment

Evaluation and Certificates
Certificate will be issued at the end of the program.

Allied Gateway selects accommodations carefully for security, convenience and comfort. Program Fee varies depending on the accommodation selected.

It's advisable to confirm your enrollment with Allied Gateway at your earliest convenience to secure your accommodation.
Single hotel room. The hotel room is well furnished with bed, TV, telephone, private bathroom, desk, and air-conditioner. We offer you internet access free of charge. PC not included.
One-bedroom Apartment
A nice apartment composed of a living area, a bedroom with a seperate kitchen and bathroom. TV, refrigerator, airconditioner, microwave oven, washing machine and modern furniture are equipped. PC not included.

* This option is available for program longer than 6 months.

Airport Transfer
Allied Gateway provides free airport arrival-pick-up service for program participants. Our staff will meet you at the arrival gate after you get your luggage and take you to your accommodation. You need to provide us with correct flight information – flight number / flight date / airport name 2 weeks before your program starts. To make sure smooth transition, you will be provided with Allied Gateway contact number before you come to China in case of last minute changes.

What Is Included

Airport arrival-pick-up
Suggested Packing List
Orientation package
Map of Shanghai and China
Map of Shanghai metro
English/Chinese menu
24-hour/7-day emergency card with staff info

Bank account setting-up
Money exchange assistance
24-hours/7-days emergency support
On-site on going assistance from Allied Gateway

How to Apply
To apply, you need to meet requirements below

1. Above 18 years old
2. Be a high school graduate
3. Be in good health

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