Tampa Acupuncture And Diseases It Can Alleviate

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Tampa acupuncture is fast gaining ground these days after so many people have realized the huge benefits of going through the procedure. The list of illnesses or body conditions that can be settled or managed by a Tampa acupuncturist is somehow comprehensive. These include the following:


Who doesn’t get headaches? There are a lot of reasons why a person can suffer from headaches. Usually, it’s because of stress or tension (that’s why you have tension headaches). It could also be because you lack hydration or you have not been receiving the right kinds of nutrients.

If you’re suffering from arthritis on your neck, teeth problems, migraine, sinusitis, and flu, there’s a good chance that headaches will not be too far away.

A headache that lasts for a day is bearable. However, it doesn’t turn out to be fine if you already suffer from it from a much longer period or if it completely or drastically interferes in your daily activities.

Tampa acupuncture has proven to get rid of headaches completely. Depending on the treatment that has been given or the intensity of the pain prior to the procedure, you can definitely feel significant improvement in your condition.


This is one of the biggest issues among women these days. Most would still like to become a mother, but reproductive problems can get in the way. Fortunately, a lot of studies have shown that a Tampa acupuncturist may just help you with your dilemma.

Acupuncture on the kidney points, for example, can release the psychological barriers that are preventing couples to reproduce. Though acupuncture alone doesn’t guarantee fertility cure, it can be combined with Chinese herbs such as moxa (in a process called moxibustion to boost the chances of getting pregnant. It can also thicken the lining on the endometrium as well as stimulate the fallopian tubes and the ovaries to function properly.

It can also be combined with the well-known Western method of conception such as in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, and donor-egg transfer. Usually, you have to wait around three to four months before Tampa acupuncture can be performed.

Weight Loss

Obesity is actually a silent killer. It is behind almost all major illnesses in the world today. Too much body fat can lead to cardiovascular diseases. There are also certain types of cancers whose risks increase if you are overweight or obese.

The weight problem can also cause emotional and psychological issues. Only a few overweight individuals feel confident of their own skin. They are normally pressured to look like beauty queens or fashion models in magazines to get accepted or to avoid ridicule.

The good news is that Tampa acupuncture has shown great promise in dramatically losing a person’s weight. It touches on cravings or addiction. Normally, the press points are located behind the ears and are worn for sometime to ensure that the triggers for food cravings can be stopped.

As expected, acupuncture for weight loss should be practiced along with proper exercise and diet to get the maximum best results.

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