T.B.-7 Ancestral Meeting HUIZONG - Acupuncture Points

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T.B.-7 Ancestral Meeting HUIZONG - Acupuncture Points ) 3 cun proximal to the dorsal wrist joint space (‘dorsal wrist crease’) and 0.5 cun ulnar to the centre of the forearm.
How to find
As the location of the dorsal wrist crease varies, the wrist joint space should be used for orientation instead (➞ 3.3.3). By moving the patient’s wrist in a relaxed way, the joint space becomes more easily palpable. From the joint space, measure 3 cun in a proximal direction and locate T.B.-7 in a depression between the ulna and the extensor digitorum communis muscle. Or: Spreading hands technique (➞ 2.3.3): Place the little fingers on the elbow crease and the wrist joint space respectively (this distance corresponds to 12 cun). Divide this distance into quarters and locate T.B.-7 one quarter of the distance from the wrist joint and 0.5 cun ulnar to the centre of the forearm (where ➞ T.B.-6 is located) on the border of the ulna.
Located on the same level is ➞ T.B.-6 (0.5 cun towards the radius).
Vertically or obliquely up to 1.5 cun
● Opens the channel and alleviates pain
● Benefits the ears
Special features
Xi-cleft point

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