T.B.-6 Branching Ditch ZHIGOU - Acupuncture Points

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T.B.-6 Branching Ditch ZHIGOU - Acupuncture Points ) 3 cun proximal to the dorsal wrist joint space (‘dorsal wrist crease’), in a depression between the radius and the ulna, radial to the tendon of the extensor digitorum communis muscle.
How to find
As the location of the dorsal wrist crease varies, the wrist joint space should be used for orientation instead (➞ 3.3.3). By moving the patient’s wrist in a relaxed way, the joint space becomes more easily palpable. From the joint space, measure 3 cun in a proximal direction. At this point, the extensor digitorum communis muscle will often lie midway between the ulna and the radius. T.B.-6 is located in a depression close to the border of the radius, on the radial side of the muscle.
Located on the same level is ➞ T.B.-7, in a depression between the ulna and the extensor digitorum communis muscle. ➞ P-5 is also located on this level, but on the anterior aspect of the forearm.
0.5–1.5 cun slightly obliquely towards the ulna or obliquely in a proximal (elbow) or distal (wrist) direction. Or through-needling to P-5 (jianshi). Caution: Movement of the hand/arm during needle retention may cause bending of the needle.
● Regulates the Qi, clears Heat in the Triple Burner, benefits the lateral costal region, promotes bowel movements
● Benefits the voice
● Opens the channel
Special features
Jing-river point, Fire point, ben point (Five Phases).

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