T.B.-23 Silken Bamboo Hollow SIZHUKONG - Acupuncture Points

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T.B.-23 Silken Bamboo Hollow SIZHUKONG - Acupuncture Points ) On the lateral end of the eyebrow, in the bony depression of the frontozygomatic suture, between the frontal and zygomatic bones.
How to find
The frontozygomatic suture (between the zygoma and the frontal bone) is generally located at the lateral end of the eyebrow.
As the position of the latter can vary considerably, the suture is a more suitable reference point. In order to locate it, palpate from the outer canthus of the eye superiorly along the orbital margin, from its zygomatic to the frontal section, until you can feel a bony depression in the area of the suture. Locate T.B.-23 in this mainly pressure-sensitive depression.
0.5–1 cun obliquely or transversely (subcutaneously) in a posterior direction towards Ex-HN-5 (taiyang). In China, this point is also needled along the eyebrow to Ex-HN-4 (yuyao: in the centre of the eyebrow). Moxibustion is contraindicated according to some classic texts.
● Benefits the eyes, alleviates pain, eliminates Wind
Special features
Important local point for headaches and disorders of the eyes

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