T.B.-22 Ear Harmony Crevice ERHELIAO - Acupuncture Points

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T.B.-22 Ear Harmony Crevice ERHELIAO - Acupuncture Points ) In a depression at the border of the circumauricular temporal hairline, anterior to and on the level of the root of the auricle.
How to find
First, locate the anterior aspect of the root of the ear. From there, palpate approximately the breadth of the little finger in the direction of the eye. There, T.B.-22 is located superior to the zygomatic arch (➞ 3.1.2), which forms a bony ridge when sliding inferiorly from T.B.-22.
Located inferior to the zygomatic arch is ➞ T.B.-21.
Transversely (subcutaneously) 0.5 cun. Caution: Superficial temporal artery.
● Dispels Wind
● Opens the channel and the luo-connecting vessels
Special features
Meeting point with the S.I. and G.B. channels, exit point according to some authors.

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