T.B.-2 Fluid Gate YEMEN - Acupuncture Points

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T.B.-2 Fluid Gate YEMEN - Acupuncture Points ) Between the little finger and ring finger, proximal to the margin of the web.
How to find
This point is best located when making a loose fist. Locate the web between the little finger and ring finger (4th and 5th fingers) and locate T.B.-2 proximal to its margin. T.B.-2 is part of
Ex-UE-9 (baxie: proximal to the webs between the fingers). Located in a comparable position on the foot is ➞ G.B.-43 on the web between the 4th and 5th toes), which is also part of
Ex-LE-10 (bafeng).
Vertically up to 0.5 cun
● Clears Heat from the Upper Burner
● Benefits the ears and calms the shen
● Opens the channel and alleviates pain
Special features
Ying-spring point, Water point. Especially indicated for psychoneurological disorders caused by Heat and local channel problems.

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