T.B.-19 Skull’s Rest LUXI - Acupuncture Points

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T.B.-19 Skull’s Rest LUXI - Acupuncture Points ) Posterior to the ear, in a well-defined depression superior to the centre of the ear.
How to find
On an imaginary clock face superimposed over the auricle (12 o’clock  apex of the ear, 6 o’clock  earlobe), you can find an easily palpable depression at approximately 10 o’clock (on the right side) and at 2 o’clock (on the left side). It is located directly behind the margin of the auricle and is the location of T.B.-19.
G.B.-11 is located slightly inferior to T.B.-19 and approximately 0.3 cun from the margin of the ear.
Up to 0.5 cun transversely (subcutaneously) in an inferior direction or prick to bleed.
● Dispels Wind
● Opens the channel
● Benefits the ear, clears Heat

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