T.B.-10 Heavenly Well TIANJING - Acupuncture Points

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T.B.-10 Heavenly Well TIANJING - Acupuncture Points ) On the lateral aspect of the upper arm, with the elbow flexed in a depression approximately 1 cun proximal to the olecranon.
How to find
This point is best located with the patient’s elbow flexed to 90°, which will reveal an easily palpable depression 1 cun superior to the olecranon. T.B.-10 is located in this depression, on the tendon of the triceps brachii muscle.
Up to 1 cun vertically or obliquely in a proximal direction.
● Transforms Phlegm and disperses accumulations
● Regulates and descends the Qi
● Calms the shen
● Clears Heat from the channel
● Opens the channel and luo-connecting vessels, alleviates pain
Special features
He-sea point, Earth point, sedation point.

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