Synthetic Leather Shoes Industry Development Trend

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   Artificial leather, synthetic leather in the last century, one of mankind's great inventions. Synthetic leather in China began in the late 50th century is China's plastics industry in the early development of one of the industries. After several decades of construction, especially in the beginning 70s, continuing into the 90's starting with the introduction of Japan, Italy and other countries of advanced synthetic leather production equipment and technology. Along with domestic and foreign high-tech development and advanced industrial equipment applications, the synthetic leather industry, management, technical level, product grades have a qualitative leap forward, especially in recent years, synthetic leather industry of China has become the world's largest producer of , consumer power, import and export power.


    The new fiber technologies are emerging


    With modern high-tech development, the current production of PU synthetic leather in terms of product quality, variety, or the output have been growing rapidly, its performance is closer to the natural leather, some aspects of the performance even more than the natural leather. Such as anti-breaking strength, tear strength, anti-peel strength, anti-sewing strength, wear-resistance strength, scratch resistance song intensity, cold, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, oil resistance, chemical corrosion, mold antibacterial, moisture absorption and other properties of breathable according to their needs, after special treatment, can be better than the leather, to performance and appearance quality and the natural leather is difficult to distinguish the extent of true and false. 90 years later, synthetic fibers and non-woven manufacturing, but also toward the ultra-fine, high-density and high non-woven effect of direction. Polyurethane resin manufacturing toward the PU dispersions, PU emulsion direction. Product applications continue to expand, in the daily life of human beings to occupy an increasingly important position.


    Power performance synthetic leather fiber materials based on first need to have excellent performance, in recent years, Europe, the United States and Japan, large-scale synthetic fiber business, every year the successful launch of several synthetic and downstream processing and application of new varieties.


    Such as DuPont's T-400 is provided by two different polyester fibers made of pairs of groups. The fibers of polyester fiber than in the past have a better elastic recovery, avoiding the occurrence of the phenomenon of relaxation, while the product also has a good security model and crease resistance, heat setting for the production of fiber products;


    European Telaiweila antibacterial properties of the company's multi-functional polyester fibers, and can deal with a variety of common types and forms of bacteria, reducing the possibility of the emergence and reproduction, and its antibacterial effect is permanent and will not cause skin adverse reaction;


    U.S. Hills's new ultra-fine fibers is the use of a new component technology in the ordinary spinneret hole density island spun fibers, each of fibers 900 islands. This spinneret with 198 holes, hole spacing of 6.4mm * 6.4mm. After a full stretch and Rongdiao sea-based polymers, the island-based fiber diameter of about 300 nm. This technology can be spun dpf to 2 of 900 islands-based fibers. There are many polymers can be used together, such as the polyester as the island, PVA or polyethylene as the sea. Island / sea ratio of the polymer can be varied between 50/50 to 70/30.


    Japan's Asahi Kasei Corporation color of dry-spinning to produce a kind of deodorant function Spandex elastic fiber; Kanebo's "Aquastealth", "LivefreshP-Neo" is a cross-section for the star of the polyester filament yarn, is characterized by fast drying Sweat-absorbent; Calculo Teijin's polyester elastic silk, Sweat-absorbent and quick-drying properties, especially good; in recent years, China's chemical fiber industry is showing from quantity expansion to quality competition trends.


    Tianjin Petrochemical Company of the far-infrared polyester fiber and far-infrared polypropylene fiber is in the ordinary course of polymerization by adding a certain amount of far-infrared Far-infrared powder made from sliced or masterbatch, Masterbatch with this slice, or in the adjustment process under the conditions of spinning spinning Growth wire or staple. In this process the system under the conditions of spinning fiber, far-infrared powder uniformly dispersed in the fiber firmly, with persistent far-infrared emission features. Can be processed into a variety of cotton products, such as gloves, dust mats, jackets, sportswear, snow shoes, socks and other health-care fabrics.


    Golden Textile Group, guided the wet and dry type polyester filament fiber by changing the cross-sectional shapes so that the gap between single fiber increases. The increase of specific surface area and capillary effect so that it greatly improved the performance of moisture, with the fiber production of fabric moisture performance, excellent performance of moisture diffusivity. Adoption of the fiber and cotton fiber with a good moisture absorption, etc., using reasonable organizational structure, the effect better, wear shoes and apparel made from dry, cool and comfortable.


    The application of synthetic leather in the shoe


    The synthetic leather upper designed to do, above all, should meet the mechanical strength requirements. To have a certain tensile strength (breaking, tearing, sewing and so on strength), anti-wet and dry rub, scratch-resistant Qu. Therefore, commonly used woven through wet impregnation and follow-coated scratch polyurethane resin slurry, made of the substrate, alternative dermal reticular layer. In order to enhance mechanical strength, the most advanced technology at home and abroad is to use synthetic microfiber leather substrate, that is hollow lotus-shaped beam or a sea-island type ultrafine structure of chemical fiber, to acupuncture, or spun-laced into a three-dimensional orientation of the rule of law Rally of the non-woven fabrics have to make it a more finished product is soft, lightweight, highly complex, high simulation, thus Beishou users favor.


    In order to meet the synthetic leather has a good thermal conductivity and the wet exchange capacity, pulp and serve as a polyurethane resin, solvent is DMF (dimethylformamide), whose pulp impregnated or coated with PU scratch on the substrate, upon solidification of the water bath , due to the high hydrophilic nature of the DMF, and soon replaced by water, allows them to quickly dissolve in water, resulting in solidification of PU leather surface of the process, leaving countless tiny pores. This is the synthetic leather has a certain air permeability principle.


    Synthetic leather to make shoes, he devoted the main demands good physical and mechanical properties, appearance, wearing comfortable, hygienic, it is necessary to protect people affected by the foot joints and laminated liner upper protruding corner abrasions. Must have a water absorption and thus able to absorb the discharged feet sweat moisture and then distributed to the adjacent upper layer and the surrounding media, ie permeability of vapor and air permeability. If the shoe sweat bad, feet felt discomfort, moist, burning feet, long legs may raise a serious sweat in the foot disease. Advanced shoe production in the slurry in the mold by adding anti-bacterial drugs, and some even have fragrant odor, to ensure that synthetic leather shoes with anti-sweat, moisture, mold bacteria, non-smelly feet wearing gas permeable role, and thus has the same comfort with leather. At the same time there should be a certain degree of thermal insulation performance, warm play a certain role.


    Shoes dress shoes in improving the performance play an important role, should be able to prevent the rigidity of the intermediate components (main with and Baotou) in a dynamic load (often under pressure friction in the movement of foot during walking, etc.) than under the conditions of As early as wear and tear, destruction. Wearing shoes in the process of maintaining non-deformed to prevent the shoe-making process (to help stretch stretch molding material) upper over-stretched. Therefore, the leather shoes also have a certain degree of tear-resistant, anti-fracture, anti-sewing strength, resistance to wet and dry rub, scratch-resistant music, there is a soft, resilient character.


    In particular parts of the shoe heel shoes after the hanging skin, generally increases with the machine-woven deep impregnation scraping PU coating slurry, made of 0.9-1.1mm substrate, and then buffing machine emery cloth pile, finally reached the printing dyeing finished . Made of synthetic material in this post instead of hanging leather shoes, followed by Lippi, in the tension sufficient tensile strength to meet the appropriate friction coefficient and a beautiful appearance, so that when wearing shoes in a more Genjiao, more compact .


    Clearly, in synthetic leather manufacturing process by using a different slurry formulations with different release paper, used in conjunction with a variety of lines of the cotton gin and the multi-color printing equipment, flower roll, and some also used in conjunction with buffing machine, can Simulation of manufacturing all kinds of skin texture and style of synthetic leather.


    Is currently used in synthetic leather footwear industry has imitation patent leather, wrinkles (cracking) leather, milled leather, leather brush-off effect, extinction leather, pearl leather, fluorescent effect of leather, pearl leather brush-off effect, Distressed effect leather, denim leather, crystal leather (imitation lighting), waterproof leather, pebble grain leather grain, nubuck leather effect, lizard leather, napa leather, leather Nu Bake (positive flock), color leather (pull-up), Suede leather, leather lining Moisture antibacterial anti-mildew, etc., the use of live coverage has been expanded shoes, shoes, travel shoes, sport shoes, casual shoes and other footwear in almost all aspects of ownership, with the application of modern technology, can be predicted: Synthetic leather in the shoe industry in the application will have more development space and outstanding contributions.

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