Stop Smoking - 10 Ways

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Stop Smoking for good is the way to go! Smokers also need to realize the ill effects of smoking, as it has an adverse effect on the nervous system. It damages the nerves and causes harm to the immune system. It is rightly said, that first people take to smoking and then it takes over them. People start with smoking one cigarette a day, which slowly increases with each passing day. The temptation of smoking urges a smoker to smoke every hour of the day. Smoking actually takes the smoker for a ride. In the beginning, smokers feel good, when they smoke as according to them, it delivers a fashion statement. Later on, it develops into addiction. At this stage, it becomes almost impossible for the smoker to stop smoking and do away with the habit completely. Hence, below are 10 ways to stop smoking effectively.

Nongovernmental organizations or popularly the NGOs are doing their best to eradicate this social evil. Individuals may seek the help of such institutions to give up smoking. Even family members, coworkers and friends might prove supportive.

Top 10 Ways to Stop Smoking:

1. Support group: To stop smoking, smokers may resort to local support groups, who provide expert counseling to do away with smoking. Support groups hold group meetings, where people with similar views discuss over global issues. They try to locate the root cause of a problem and come out with solutions for it. They equip themselves with statistical data and inform people about how smoking causes injury to the human system.

2. Cold turkey: Individuals may stop smoking using cold turkey method. It is all about using the willpower to avoid the dependence on cigarettes. Many smokers have found this method beneficial with reduction in their craving for cigarettes.

3. Hypnosis: It is the best way to stop smoking. Here, the therapists reprogram an individual's subconscious mind. This scientific method has proven beneficial as compared to any other chemical-based treatment to stop smoking.

4. Nicotine patch: Studies note use of nicotine patch makes quitting cigarette possible. It offers the body with a transdermal nicotine feed. It fights the strong influences of nicotine that rule the mind and body for years ever since the first cigarette smoked.

5. Rehab Drugs: Individuals may switch to several rehab drugs or pills to stop smoking.

6. Go the Holistic Way: Holistic approach can also help to stop smoking, as it controls the mind, spirit and body of a smoker and limits the need to light up a cigarette.

7. Acupuncture: Smokers may go through the process of acupuncture to stop smoking. Acupuncture targets three areas of the body namely the kidney, liver and the nervous system. It aims at healing the body through detoxification.

8. Nicotine gum: Smokers may chew the nicotine gums that come in many flavors. Nicotine gum lessens the urge to smoke.

9. Buddy system: Individuals may invite their friends in a no-smoking campaign, which influences other smokers to quit smoking. Avoid going where smoking is frequent. Count on the days as the cravings for cigarette lessens until the addiction is finally abandoned.

10. Harmless cigarettes: Smokers may also consider this method to quit smoking. These types of cigarettes are actually smokeless cigarettes.


Cigarette smoking is extremely harmful to humans. Most individuals, who initially feel good about this habit, will later regret the taking up of smoking. Their health will deteriorates and they could experience physical weakness due to smoking. Hence, it is important to stop smoking before it gets hold of you and takes a toll on your health. Some other resources, where smokers may get assistance to stop smoking are dentist or local hospital.

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