Standardized immunity treatment

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An eight-point formula — this is an effective formula for immune disorders. Add or delete points based upon signs and symptoms if needed.

1. Shenmen — in the treatment of immunity, Shenmen is an important point to balance and settle the patient, as patients with immune disorders are sensitive and delicate.

2. Sympathetic — the use of the Sympathetic point in the treatment of immunity is to improve overall functioning and to reduce the pain that accompanies many immune disorders, such as fibromyalgia and lupus erythematosus.

3. Lung (Upper and/or Lower) — the Lung points assist in the treatment of immunity by improving respiration (i.e., oxygenation to the body), and help in the emotional components of immune disorders by moving the Qi and, thereby, reducing depression. Patients with immune disorders have systemic Qi deficiencies. The Lungs, as the Master of the Qi, control the Qi of the entire body.

4. Liver — the Liver point builds Yin and Blood. Patients with weak immunity have Blood and Yin deficiencies.

5. Kidney — the Kidney point is used to tonify the Root Qi, the basis of immunity.

6. and 7. Spleen and Stomach — the Spleen and Stomach points stimulate their respective organs to produce Qi, Blood, and Yin, which are deficient in immune patients.

8. Brain (Subcortex) — the Brain point enhances the functioning of the entire body, which is needed in immune problems.

Note: The four previous formulae all have Shenmen, Sympathetic, Brain, and Liver. Three of the formulae used Spleen/Stomach. This demonstrates the multiple energetics of points and how they can be used for different conditions.

The next group of formulae treats other common illnesses. Energetics, except where different, will not be noted here. Use this section to test your understanding of point energetics.

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