ST-6 Jaw Bone JIACHE - Acupuncture Points

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( ST-6 Jaw Bone JIACHE - Acupuncture Points ) With the teeth clenched, on the highest prominence of the masseter muscle, approximately one finger-width (middle finger) anterior and superior to the angle of the jaw.
How to find
Ask the patient to clench their teeth, which will allow the muscle belly of the masseter muscle to bulge. ST-6 is located on its prominence, a little anterior and superior to the angle of the jaw (mandibular angle ➞ 3.1.3). With chewing movements of the
jaw (‘biting and relaxing’), the palpating finger will naturally fall into the right depression when the muscle is relaxed.
ST-5 is located more medially in the depression at the anterior border of the masseter muscle.
Insertion with the patient’s mouth slightly opened (relaxed masseter muscle). Vertically 0.3–0.5 cun or obliquely or transversely (subcutaneously) 1–1.5 cun in the direction of ➞ ST-4, ST-5, ST-7, for example, in cases of facial paralysis.
● Eliminates Wind, benefits the jaw and teeth, opens the channel and luo vessels, alleviates pain
Special features
Sun Si Miao Ghost point. Important local point for the jaw region. Its location corresponds to a commonly used trigger point on the masseter muscle. According to some authors, ST-6 is a meeting point with the G.B. channel.

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