ST-37 Upper Great Emptiness SHANGJUXU - Acupuncture Points

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ST-37 Upper Great Emptiness SHANGJUXU - Acupuncture Points ) 6 cun distal to ➞ST-35 (at the knee joint space) or 3 cun distal to ➞ST-36 and 1 fingerbreadth lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia.
How to find
First, find ➞ ST-35 (‘lateral eye of the knee’, level with the knee joint space). From ➞ST-35, measure 6 cun (2 handbreadths) in a distal direction and, at that level, 1 fingerbreadth towards lateral (place the middle finger onto the anterior crest of the tibia). There, ST-37 is located in a depression, which can be ‘dynamically’ palpated (choose the point according to pressure sensitivity). Or: Find the midpoint of the line joining ➞ ST-35 and ➞ ST-41 (in the depression between the tendons of the extensor digitorum longus and the hallucis longus, level with the highest prominence of the lateral malleolus) by using the spreading hands technique (➞ 2.3.3). ST-37 is located 2 cun proximal and 1 fingerbreadth lateral to this point.
Vertically or obliquely 1–1.5 cun
● Regulates the Spleen, Stomach and Intestines, eliminates stagnation, clears Damp-Heat
● Opens the channel, alleviates pain
Special features
Lower he-sea point of the Large Intestine, Sea of Blood point.

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