ST-36 Leg Three Miles ZUSANLI - Acupuncture Points

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ST-36 Leg Three Miles ZUSANLI - Acupuncture Points ) 3 cun distal to ➞ ST-35 (‘lateral eye of the knee’) and 1 fingerbreadth lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia, on the tibialis anterior muscle.
How to find
First, locate ➞ST-35 (‘lateral eye of the knee’, at the level of the knee joint space). From ➞ST-35, palpate 3 cun (1 handbreadth) down and 1 fingerbreadth towards lateral by placing the middle finger adjacent to the tibial crest. There, ST-36 is located in a depression, which can be palpated ‘dynamically’ (choose the point according to pressure sensitivity). Or: Palpate the lower border of the tibial tuberosity and ‘dynamically’ locate ST-36 1 fingerbreadth lateral to it.
Vertically 1–1.5 cun. Moxibustion is often used on this point.
● Regulates the Stomach, strengthens the Spleen, transforms Dampness
● Tonifies Qi and Yang, nourishes the Blood and Yin
● Calms the shen
● Opens the channel
Special features
He-sea point, Earth point, ben point (Five Phases point), lower he-sea point of the Stomach, Gao Wu command point for disorders of the abdomen, Ma Dan Yang point, Sea of Water and Grain point. Main point to tonify Qi and Blood for general weakness. Very important point.

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