ST-14 Store House KUFANG - Acupuncture Points

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ST-14 Store House KUFANG - Acupuncture Points ) On the midclavicular line, in the first intercostal space, 4 cun lateral to the anterior midline.
How to find
On the upper thorax, the midclavicular line (4 cun lateral to the anterior midline) runs slightly obliquely from the clavicular midpoint to the generally more lateral nipple. By palpating across the clavicle from superior to inferior, the first rib will generally be felt directly below the clavicle, although, in some cases, the 1st rib might be completely hidden under the clavicle.
The 1st intercostal space follows directly inferior to the 1st rib, where ST-14 is located.
ST-13 is located only slightly superior to ST-14 at the lower border of the clavicle. Also located on the level of the first intercostal space are ➞Ren-20 (anterior midline), ➞KID-26 (2 cun lateral to the anterior midline) and ➞ LU-1 (6 cun lateral to the midline). For more detail about orientation regarding intercostal spaces ➞ 3.5.
0.5–0.8 cun obliquely or transversely (subcutaneously), parallel to the course of the intercostal space or with or against the channel pathway. Caution: Pneumothorax.
● Regulates the Qi
● Unbinds the chest
● Benefits the breasts

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