ST-12 Empty Basin QUEPEN - Acupuncture Points

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ST-12 Empty Basin QUEPEN - Acupuncture Points ) In the supraclavicular fossa, superior to the midpoint of the clavicle, approximately 4 cun lateral to the anterior midline.
How to find
From the anterior midline, palpate to the midpoint of the clavicle (4 cun in a lateral direction). There, an imaginary vertical line marks the midclavicular line. ST-12 is located on the midclavicular line, at the upper border of the clavicle, in the supraclavicular fossa, lateral to the clavicular head of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.
Vertically 0.3–0.5 cun. The needle should be guided along the posterior border of the clavicle. Caution: Pneumothorax, especially with emphysema; superficial and deep cervical arteries.
According to some authors, this point is contraindicated during pregnancy.
● Opens the channel
● Disperses and descends the Lung Qi
● Clears Heat in the throat
Special features
Meeting point with the L.I., S.I., G.B. and T.B. channel

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