Sports medicine and musculoskeletal disorders

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  As mentioned in Chapter 1, musculoskeletal disorders benefit from treatment with auricular acupuncture. From the area of sports medicine have come several studies that choose the ear for treatment. J. G. Lin and associates16 found that “using ear point pressing therapy with semen vaccaria, auriculotherapy was effective for increasing oxygen levels and lowering

  the lactic acid buildup that follows exercise. Some points that were effective include the Liver point, Lung point, Subcortex, Endocrine, and Triple Warmer. The Liver point assists the regulation of blood volume and Liver function, such as the nutrients used during muscular activity. The Liver point simulates the Liver to remove lactic acid via metabolism or conversion.

  The Lung point aids nervous, digestive, and cardiovascular systems, and also modulates the function of the cerebral cortex and increases oxygen uptake. The Subcortex point affects the cerebral cortex that governs the entire body, the Endocrine point regulates the endocrine system, and the Triple Warmer point controls all the visceral organs.”

  In analyzing the functions of these points, it is seen that they pertain to the organs integral to physiological functioning during exercise and recovery. The authors16 also concluded, “In addition to these findings, overall, volunteers felt more comfortable during exercise. This has possible implications for longer and more intensive training, if desired. This study contains an excellent and understandable exposition on exercise physiology using both Western and Oriental paradigms.”


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