Special Treatment Techniques of Cosmetic Acupuncture

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In addition to selecting general points against symptoms, other needle techniques and methods can be used to achieve various effects. Let us consider  the above methods in detail.

You may ask if it is necessary to perform so many different techniques to achieve the desired effect – is it not sufficient just to use some points on the body and many points on the face?

When you treat your patient with school medicine you would use a number of tablets, minerals, injections and beauty regimes, many of which have harmful side-effects and short-term cosmetic effect. With acupuncture, we must have points and needle techniques for what every tablet and injection is trying to achieve. To these techniques we add the energy-balancing treatment, which stabilizes the effect. And remember, we do not use all these techniques on one patient or in one treatment session. They are used in different patients and during different sessions. We should have the know-how if they are needed. Once you have learned these techniques and are using them regularly, they will become easy and you can work on autopilot.

Let us look at the techniques one by one.

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