Special Considerations in Auricular Acupuncture

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Weak patients, immunocompromised patients, children, patients with bleeding disorders and tumors

Use ear acupuncture with caution on patients who have poor wound-healing capacity, such as immunocompromised patients who are prone to infection. Cancer patients, diabetics, those who have HIV positive status, or others with immune disorders fall into this category. Use ear acupuncture prudently on hemophiliacs, diabetic patients, the elderly, and others who tend to bleed easily; those with impaired neurological functioning or patients on pain medications who may not detect pain or Qi arrival.

Note: Patients with high blood pressure may bleed more easily than others. You can still use ear-bleeding techniques on these patients. In fact, bleeding is the preferred modality for certain varieties of hypertension characterized by excess Heat and Yang Rising. Be prepared for possible bleeding. Wear gloves and have extra cotton balls nearby.

Do not use ear acupuncture on young children who might remove ear seeds or pellets and put them into his or her mouth or nose. Except for life-threatening circumstances, do not use ear acupuncture on children under the age of seven, so as not to disturb the body’s developmental processes.

Ear massage administered by a professional or by a parent instructed in how to perform such massage is a good alternative to pellets and seeds.

Use auricular therapy with caution on weakened patients, elderly patients, or patients with decreased functional mental ability. Patients with severe psychological problems may not respond properly to the signs of Qi arrival or be able to follow instructions even if the instructions are written down. Written directions are always a good idea for properly informing the patient of instructions and advice.

Use caution with ear modalities applied close to the external auditory meatus so that they do not fall into the ear canal. Several such written directions pertaining to auricular acupuncture are found in Chapter 6 on the ear modalities.

Due to the possibility of metastasis, do not use ear acupuncture on cancer patients. However, the ear is an excellent modality for treating cancer patients after the tumor has been removed and during chemotherapy and/ or radiation treatment to assist in promoting well-being, strengthening organ function, and rebuilding immunity.

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