SP-14 Abdomen Knot FUJIE - Acupuncture Points

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SP-14 Abdomen Knot FUJIE - Acupuncture Points ) 4 cun lateral to the anterior midline, on the mamillary line, 3 cun superior to ➞ SP-13 or 1.3 cun inferior to ➞ SP-15.
How to find
First, measure 4 cun from the umbilicus in a lateral direction in order to locate the mamillary line. This is the point ➞ SP-15. From there, measure 1.3 cun in an inferior direction to locate SP-14.
Vertically 0.5–1 cun. Caution: Peritoneum, pregnancy.
● Moves Qi and Blood, warms the middle, dispels Cold
● Regulates the Lower Burner and descends counterflow Qi
Special features
Sensitive to pressure with appendicitis

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