Some of abbreviations about Chinese medicine

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Some of abbreviations about Chinese medicine.May be can help you to study.

A/C--------Acromioclavicular joint
ASIS  --------Anterior superior iliac spine
CMC --------Carpo-metacarpal joint
CSF --------Cerebrospinalˉuid
CT --------Computerised tomography
EA --------Electroacupuncture
EDL --------Extensor digitorum longus
EOP-------- External occipital protuberance
5-HT-------- 5-Hydroxytryptamine(serotonin)
ITB --------Ilio-tibial band
LBP-------- Low back pain
MCL-------- Medial collateral ligament
MP-------- Metatarsal phalangeal joint
PIIS --------Posterior inferior iliac spine
PSIS --------Posterior superior iliac spine
S/C --------Sternoclavicular joint
SG-------- Substantia gelaninosa
SIJ-------- Sacro-iliac joint
STJ-------- Subtaloid joint
TCM --------Traditional Chinese medicine
TENS-------- Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
TMJ-------- Temporo-mandibular joint
TrP --------Trigger point
VMO-------- Vastus medialis obliqus
WDR --------Wide dynamic range


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