Self Acupuncture and Healthy Living

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Self acupuncture! How on earth is it possible for any everyday Joe to walk into a natural medicine store and ask for something as potentially risky as a self acupuncture kit? Is this the next wave of New Age medicine to hit the mainstream? Alongside books on beginning Aromatherapy at the local Barnes and Noble, are we now to find books on acupuncture at home?
History of Self Acupuncture:
Looking to find a way to help patients who require frequent acupuncture sessions but need to save money, Dr. Zu De Ye developed the concept of self acupuncture while performing research at the University of Arizona. Since then, self acupuncture has become a staple at many traditional Chinese medical clinics across the United States.
How Self Acupuncture Works:
Following in 3000 years of Chinese medical tradition, self acupuncture uses the same concepts of Qi (chi) and meridians to provide relief from a variety of ailments. The difference is that now patients can treat themselves between visits to their professional practitioner, which effectively cuts down cost as well as provides interim pain relief.
Pain relief at home! Is it possible? Isn't it risky? Because acupuncture is a low-risk medical practice, it is possible to perform it at home without too much concern. Dr. Ye created needles that are sterile but small, which greatly reduces any potential risks. In fact, one of the greatest risks is that nothing will happen, because the patient hasn't correctly used the needle.
Fractal Theory:
In the same tradition as Korean Hand Acupuncture that operates under the concept that a small part of the body can correspond to the whole, the fractal theory, self acupuncture functions by stimulating precise areas that signify organ systems. In other words, a patient can pinpoint certain trouble spots (e.g. kidneys) simply by placing small needles in very precise places on their bodies at home!
How Can I Perform Self Acupuncture?
Self Acupuncture isn't as simple as running down to your local Barnes and Noble and picking up a copy of Acupuncture for Beginners: it is currently only a part of many treatment regimens prescribed by professional acupuncturists. Although someday it may be possible to go to a bookstore and pick up such a book, it is highly unlikely that such a venture will be as successful as seeking help from a trained professional and using self acupuncture as a part of that treatment. This way, he can train you regarding your needs and the proper location for the needles.

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    may I join your school to promote acupuncture to help people


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    dear sir i am from india i would like very eage to learn acupunture and i will take class for acupunture for your organisation guide can you help me to course detail and finally give your certificate sir please

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    Dear Venka
    Thanks for your interesting for acupuncture, would you please connat to me with my yahoo mail below

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