Scientific Studies Show Repeated Success with Combined Acupuncture and IVF Treatment

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In April 2002, a German scientific study showed a much higher clinical pregnancy rate in women undergoing both acupuncture and IVF treatment compared to those receiving IVF without acupuncture (42.5% versus 26.3%). The results of the study stunned a scientific community often skeptical of natural fertility treatment methods, and researchers quickly tried to test the results to see if they were replicable or not. They were, and numerous additional scientific studies have confirmed that acupuncture and IVF when used simultaneously leads to much higher pregnancy outcomes.

One of the most recent and comprehensive studies of acupuncture and IVF was done in 2008 and published in the the British Medical Journal. This study involved over 1300 women in seven different randomized and controlled studies testing the acupuncture and IVF link. published a study involving seven controlled and randomized studies of 1366 women. As with the German study, women who used both acupuncture and IVF demonstrated a much higher success rate (65%) conceiving, and an even greater rate (91%) in terms of bringing the pregnancy to term.

Why does acupuncture and IVF create such a powerful combination? Although researchers are not completely certain, there are speculations that this may have to do with the ability to lower stress levels in women undergoing IVF treatment. Acupuncture is well known to reduce both stress and anxiety levels, and IVF is an especially stressful procedure for women hoping to conceive. Stress has been demonstrated to reduce fertility rates substantially, and acupuncture may help prevent this. Another theory about why acupuncture and IVF success rates are so high has to do with hormones. Some believe that acupuncture may help with the production and release of hormones beneficial to fertility.

For those women hoping to avoid standardized fertility treatments such as IVF and rely solely on natural fertility remedies, these studies show promise as well. As with traditional medical practice, acupuncture may also assist in natural fertility treatment methods such as the use of fertility herbs, detoxification programs and dietary changes.

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